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Hi, Paul Mallett here…
Are you frustrated with the results of your prospecting efforts? Tired of your business and family suffering because you can’t get in front of enough of the right prospects?
It’s possible you’re putting your energy and money into marketing instead of prospecting. Both are critical to your long-term success, but different tools and strategies are used for each. So, if you’re applying marketing tactics to achieve prospecting goals, you’re probably pretty irritated right now. 
Marketing is about raising awareness and building your brand over time. Prospecting is about sifting through potential customers to find qualified buyers right now. Like panning for gold, prospecting for clients can be difficult and tedious.
That’s why we’ve compiled 17 prospecting strategies used by the industry’s top agents and advisors to build their own multi-million dollar practices. Best of all, they're tactics that work for both novice and veteran agents, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to use them!

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