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Annuity Sales Excellence:
The Premiere Marketing, Prospecting, & Sales Tool Kit

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What People Are Saying:

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    Ron F.

    “Lew’s coaching and system has helped my practice immensely! Learning from Lew on how to ask questions the right way, helped me close $16,800 in commissions in 2 weeks! Thanks Lew!” 

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    John Y.

    "I made $25,953.39 in commission on an annuity sale last month and $11,285.09 on two sales this month for a total of $37,238.48. I am still working a large case for this month. I couldn't have done it without you either. It works, if you work it! Thanks!"

  • Tony B.

    “I am finishing my finest personal production year ever, and after 25 years in this business I guess I have proven that you can teach new tricks to an "old dog."

Annuity Sales Excellence:
The Premiere Marketing, Prospecting, & Sales Tool Kit


($3,000 Value)

Disc #1 - Annuity Sales Training and Presentations
Make your prospects want to meet with and buy from you! Become the trusted advisor they want to see!
Packed with information and annuity prospecting scripts, fact-finding scripts & questions, presentations, presentation scripts and templates, a referral lead script and lead form, buyer's guides, and more!

Disc #2 - Annuity Marketing and "Ideal Annuity Prospects" Training
Includes 12 proven, low-cost annuity lead generation strategies used by real top producers. No more cold calling or buying expensive leads! We'll even help you identify the best leads for you based on your strengths, knowledge, experience, and budget. 
Loaded with annuity prospecting scripts & letters, an annual review letter, referral scripts & letters, annuity sales letters, and appointment scripts.

Disc #3 - Annuity Lead Magnet Tool Kit
A complete, step-by-step proven educational booklet system, including simple sales presentations (e.g., "Survival in a Volatile Market," "Retirees Guide to a Worry Free Retirement," and "10 Secrets Your Banker Doesn't Want You to Know.") It also includes several free reports with all of the newspaper ads, appointment scripts, sales letters, and everything else you need to get your ideal prospects to call you.

Disc #4 - Invincible Annuity Workshop & Seminar Tool Kit
Includes an 80-page annuity workshop guide, invitations, marketing materials, sales letters, newspaper ads, seminar presentations, and more for selling Indexed Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities, and Immediate Annuities. 

Disc #5 - FREE Bonus Gifts ($150 Value!)
Enhance your success with 16 career and life-changing guides to achieve the life of which most agents can only dream!

($3,000 Value)

One of the most respected and endorsed coaches and sales trainers in the financial services industry will help you avoid all of the costly and time-consuming mistakes most people make to gaurantee you get off to the quickest start possible! We'll help you fine-tune your marketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and sales process. 


Use this dynamic, educational presentation with individual clients or in workshops. It addresses the five biggest challenges retirees and boomer face today and how annuities can help them overcome those challenges. 

1.  Will I outlive my retirement savings?
2.  Will my retirement funds keep pace with inflation?
3. What if I need to pay for long-term care?
4.  Will Social Security taxation erode my income?
5.  How can I reap the upside potential of the market while minimizing the downside risk? 

Annuity Sales Excellence is endorsed by over 30 respected industry leaders and advocates, including Brian Tracy, Nick Royer, and Dennis Postema.

It has proven to help agents and advisors earn $20,000, $50,000, and more per month!


  1. Extremely affordable for every insurance agent & financial advisor. 
    NO high ($3,000 to $5,000) price tag!
    NO annual fees!
    NO need to buy anything else from us!
    REBATE available for full purchase price (less S&H)!

  2. 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
    If you utilize the program as directed and it doesn't do everything promised, we'll return every cent of the purchase price (less S&H) with no hard feelings.

    However, if you follow the simple, step-by-step procedures of the turnkey Annuity Sales Excellence system and call for personal coaching, you can experience a boost in your annuity sales almost over night!

  3. The low cost is 100% tax deductible as a business expense.
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Annuity Sales Excellence:
The Premiere Marketing, Prospecting, & Sales Tool Kit

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