Use this resource library to better understand the industry changes associated with the new DOL Fiduciary Standard and how they impact you and your practice.

Official Documents from the U.S. Department of Labor:

We're working diligently to educate ourselves on the new DOL Fiduciary Standard, so we can educate you...

The Department of Labor (DOL) released details of its new Fiduciary Rule on April 6, 2016. With 1,000+ pages of regulations, it will take PMG and our partners time to fully comprehend the impact it will have on you, the products you offer, and our industry. 

While we continue researching and learning about the implications, please use this resource library to better educate yourself on the ruling and how it will impact your business. 

We will continue publishing additional resources to this page as well as post blogs, host webinars, send email updates, and more to keep you up to date and informed to the best of our ability.