Explode your life insurance sales...

By attracting your ideal prospects for all the hot, new, cutting-edge life insurance sales concepts! And, crack the code on the life insurance prospecting, appointment-setting, and sales skills that keep the top career and independent agents an advisors in the winner's circle year after year!

Found Money Management™ Life Insurance Lead & Sales Tool Kit 

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What People Are Saying:

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    Tim G.

    “Per our conversation this morning, I wanted to let you know how the (Found Money Management™) program is working for me so far. I got the CD package on or around May 1st. Today is May 24th and I have set a total of 5 appointments by loosely following the word track on the appointment setting CD. Of those 5 appointments, I have already had 3 of them, and we have started the underwriting process on all 3... $67,000 of annual life premiums.” (In less than a month)."

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    John S.

    "I decided to purchase their Found Money Management™ System and the Fact Finding DVDs. In the past three months, I've sold more life insurance premiums, than I did in the previous 8 years. I've placed 12 policies with annual premiums ranging from $800 - $30,000. The systems and training work.”

  • Bryan S.


    “Without a doubt, the best part of your whole system (Found Money Management™) is the simplicity in helping clients. I finally feel that I am offering clients more than just retirement planning. I know that my clients will be better off after meeting with me than they were before. Your system is so easy to understand, to explain to clients, and to implement, that it’s almost ridiculous. I am so glad I found you when I did, so early in my career. I look forward to many years of working with the two of you! Thanks Again!"

If you’re ready for a time-tested, proven life insurance marketing, prospecting, and sales system endorsed by many of the legends and super achievers in our industry, then Found Money Management™ is for you.

It’s time you work smarter—not harder—and spend a lot less time and money on life insurance marketing, prospecting, and sales.

Learn how the top life insurance producers still attract and set appointments with their ideal life insurance prospects and sell huge amounts of cash value life insurance despite all of the negative attention around cash value life insurance (whole life & indexed universal life).

There's a secret to how they
 consistently earn $250,000, $500,000, and more per year selling cash value life insurance, and Found Money Management™ tells all!

Found Money Management™ will teach you exactly how to:

Stop wasting your valuable time and hard-earned money reinventing the wheel. Get over THREE decades of proven life insurance marketing and sales expertise right at your fingertips with Found Money Management™.
  1. Attract a steady stream of your ideal life insurance prospects and get them to contact you!
  2. Easily set appointments with 9 out of 10 of your ideal life insurance prospects! No more spending hour after hour cold calling, begging for an appointment!
  3. Close 9 out of 10 cash value life insurance sales! No more "I don't have the money," or "I want to think about it.".

Found Money Management™ Includes:

Unit #1: Life Insurance Sales Training & Presentations
Learn how to make prospects want to meet with and buy from you! 
  • Scientifically-designed prospecting and conversation selling scripts
  • Initial Fact-Finding Interview and Sales Skills Training including scripts, the questions top advisors ask, forms, and how to overcome objections
  • Life insurance sales presentations, sales letters, templates, and forms
  • How to conduct the second interview and close the sale, including the most compelling an motivating reasons for prospects to take action
  • How to make yourself referable, including referred lead generation scripts, referral letters, and a referred lead form
  • Life Insurance Sales Strategies & Concepts Training including Becoming Your Own Banker, Missed Fortune, Tax-Free Retirement, LEAP, Circle of Wealth, College Funding, Pension Maximization, and Found Money Management™!
  • Life Insurance Benefits & Sales Training, including the often overlooked and under-reported unique benefits and uses of cash value life insurance
  • Life insurance sales presentations and scripts to close 9 out of 10 appointments
  • Life insurance articles and handouts
  • The truth about the stock market and qualified plans
  • Financial software, including calculators
Unit #2: Life Insurance Marketing & Prospecting
Learn 12 of the best, proven, and most cost-effective lead generation strategies used by real top producers! 
  • How to attract your ideal life insurance prospects for selling cash value life insurance
  • Life insurance prospecting and appointment scripts
  • Prospecting letters
  • How to acquire repeat and backend business
  • Prospecting and appointment scripts for referred leads, including how to make yourself referable
  • Prospecting and appointment scripts as well as sales letters for joint venture marketing
  • How to use free, educational workshop as a quick, easy, and extremely affordable way to get in front of your ideal prospects, including prospecting and appointment scripts, invitations, PowerPoint presentations, and more
  • How to use client newsletters to increase sales, including a sample newsletter
  • Life Insurance Sales Letter System
  • How to promote your business for free using the media
  • How to most effectively utilize lead exchange groups
  • The benefits of participating in a mastermind group to grow your business
Unit #3: The Complete Life Insurance Seminar & Workshop Tool Kit
  • A powerful, proven, and scripted Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy workshop an seminar presentation
  • How top producers consistently fill their life insurance workshops with their ideal prospects
  • The secrets to setting appointments with 9 out of 10 of your workshop attendees
Unit #4: The Complete Client Booklet and Free Report Lead Tool Kit
  • Client information booklets and free reports to build immediate credibility and trust with prospects 
Unit #5: FREE Bonus Gifts
  • 16 career and life changing guides to having the success of your dreams!
3 Months of Live One-on-One Personal Training & Coaching from one of the most respected and successful teams of sales trainers and coaches in the life insurance industry!
  • Fine-tune your life insurance lead generation, appointment setting, and sales process.
  • Get help evaluating, designing, and presenting 3-5 cases to ensure you're offering the best recommendations/solutions for your clients.

90-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee and industry-leading reimbursement program. 

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